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Delta Tau Data Systems, Inc.  

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CNC Machine Controllers

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Digital Controllers for Testing

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  Programmable Automation Controllers with Eembedded OS Embedded/PLC Controllers  


Advantages - Using THCE Control and Automation Systems:

  • The whole system in a small and modular rack
  • Easy expansion for more axes and I/O using the same platform
  • Standard communication methods (Series, USB and Ethernet)
  • Complete development software and communication libraries
  • Versatility – The system can control servo, stepper, I/O, brushed and brushless motors, servo or proportional valves
  • The security and the reliability of system are PC and Windows ® independent
  • Easy integration with stand alone or PC based user interfaces
  • Free local technical support by phone
  • Connectivity: the system can directly connect to multiple networks (Device Net, ControlNet, Profibus)
  • The same controller can be used for PLC, motion programs, CNC applications, robotics and automation.
  • The electrical wiring is straightforward to save integration time
  • The basic programs are simple and portable
  • The simple programming language easy to learn (BASIC-like)
  • The computing power, gain adjustment and data acquisition are very useful in the starting of system and help saving valuable time
  • Extreme flexibility – numerous feedback options available covering practically all needs